Kitty Contracts- Spay Neuter Agreements

FAQs: Non Refundable Deposits, Kitten Selection, Waiting, Visiting, Kitten Pick Up, and Shipping


Placing a Non Refundable Deposit - Terms and Conditions


ALL MALE KITTENS $2500  ALL FEMALE KITTENS $2000 until Dec. 31, 2019. On Jan. 1, 2020, Female Kitten prices will increase to $2250.If you pay your deposit for a female kitten prior to Jan. 1, 2020, you will reserve at the 2019 price of $2000.



WE ARE ACCEPTING NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS AT THIS TIME, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO BE PREPARED TO WAIT FOR YOUR KITTEN (particularly if your color choice is silver or smoke) UNTIL 2021. YOU MAY BE ABLE TO SELECT THE KITTEN THAT IS PERFECT FOR YOU SOONER, BUT WE NEED YOU TO BE PREPARED TO WAIT. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER LITTER SIZE OR THE COLORS AND GENDERS OF KITTENS BORN. However, if you are patient, we promise you will move to the top of the Deposit Reservation List and be able to have first pick of the litter of every litter born until you select the perfect kitten for you!

          Thank you so much for considering owning one of the AttyKats kittens. (Note: all kittens MUST be spayed or neutered by contract). Because I’ve been at this for 21 years, my cats have quite a following. The best way to get a kitten from AttyKats is to place a non refundable paid deposit of $500 via paypal to and then wait for your opportunity to choose your pick of the litter.   Be patient and you will get exactly the kitten you want!  We plan to have 12 litters in 2020, four litters in February. Under available kittens, go to the Upcoming Litters tab in the drop down menu. By placing a non refundable deposit, you agree to these terms and conditions.


          VERY IMPORTANT: My beautiful cats are living creatures. I have NO control over when they come into heat, when they get bred, how many kittens they have, or the color and gender of those kittens. I cannot guarantee you a kitten by June, or October, or in 2019. I am at the mercy of Mother Nature. If you play the law of averages, I hope a mother cat may have five kittens in a litter and I will place her with a male 7 months after her last litter. No cat will ever have more than two litters of kittens in a year at AttyKats. In January, Baretta had 13 kittens. In March, Spooky had only 1 kitten. I simply cannot predict these things. What I can tell you is that if you are patient, you will move to the top of the Deposit Reservation List and you will be offered the opportunity to pick your perfect kitten from every litter we have until you decide on "THE ONE." I can also tell you that 90% of our Deposit Reservation List are waiting for Silver Males like ZuZu and Smoke Males like Thor. If you are interested in a male of another color, like blue, black, or brown tabby, your wait will be shorter - but you will still be waiting and must be patient! I only have a handful of reservations for female kittens, so I should have female kittens available for you, soon. I reserve the right to keep any kitten from any litter. 

               We regularly update our this website, as well as our Facebook page ( and Instagram attykatsmainecoon.  We offer all kittens born to the people on the Deposit Reservation List, starting at the top  of our list (oldest deposit) and working our way down. Usually, people on the Paid Deposit List select all of the available kittens, so it is a good place to be if you want one of these spectacular kittens!. 


          If you decide to place a non refundable deposit, you go to paypal and click the button to send money to friends or family (to avoid transaction fees) and send the  $500 deposit to (be sure to spell it correctly so the deposit goes to AttyKats) then you give me all of your contact information and your preference as to gender and color (not binding - you can change your mind), if you have a preference. I will add you to the Paid Deposits List and update you on current and upcoming litters.  I want you to have the perfect kitten and I will work with you to make that happen.

          Non refundable deposits are actually non refundable, so make absolutely certain  before you place your deposit that you are committed to getting an Atty Kats kitten and are willing to wait. I understand that things happen- people get sick, people change their minds, people get tired of waiting, people decide to buy puppies - even though our deposits are non refundable, in an effort to take your unique circumstances into account, we will maintain your $500 credit on the books for 24 months  from the date we received it to allow you the opportunity to select a kitten at a later date. By placing a deposit, you are investing in our cats and you consent to our spending your deposit money on our cats to keep them in excellent condition to create the perfect kitten for you. See our contract, above. By placing a deposit with Atty Kats, you consent to all of the terms of our contract as well as our no refund policy.

I'm on the Deposit Reservation List- What Now?


          Once you have paid your non refundable deposit to be on the Deposit Reservation List, the most common question I receive is “What Number Am I???” My answer is that your number on the list does not tell you when you get a kitten!  Right now, if you want a brown tabby male or female out of ZuZu or Ruger, you would be able to pick out of the next couple of litters, assuming the Mama cats have brown tabby kittens.  If you want a silver male or black smoke male out of ZuZu, you will have to wait, probably until 2021 depending on the number of silver or smoke kittens born in each litter because there are people ahead of you. If you want a female or male out of ZuZu or Ruger, but are not particular about the color, you may be able to get one out of the February 2020 litter! 

          Many people on the list are very particular about color, gender, and even which female/mama they want a kitten from and they are willing to wait longer for that perfect combination. They have been offered kittens from every litter but are waiting for the perfect kitten from Ursula and ZuZu or from Jawa and ZuZu. Your wait depends on the date and time you place your PayPal deposit, and your preference for color and gender, what the people on the list ahead of you do, and, of course on Mother Nature. 

          Whoever is at the top of the list is offered all available kittens from every litter until they choose the perfect kitten. I currently have a person on the list from October, 2018, who has passed on about 30 kittens because that person is waiting for a very particular color - a very light silver male.  I have a person from December 2018 who only wants a solid black male from Spooky and will wait for exactly that kitten. Even so, each time we have kittens, I offer them all to the people at the top of the list, let them select or pass on all the kittens, and work my way down the list. No one on the list is limited to a specific color or gender, even if a person says I only want a silver male, I will still offer that person the right to select any kitten when that person is at the top of the list. 

      The person at the top of the list can select from all available kittens or "push" to the next litter. I then move down to the next person on the list and offer the number 2 person all available kittens, that person will select a kitten or push to the next litter. Then I move down to the number 3 person and offer all available kittens. The number 3 person can select from those kittens or push to a future litter. And so on.  I offer all kittens in this way  down the Deposit Reservation List until all kittens from a litter are reserved. We believe our kittens are well worth the wait! If you review our website, you will see that we are not alone in this opinion. Maine Coon cats generally live for a VERY long time - why not wait to get exactly the kitten that you want?

What Happens After I Select My Kitten?

           Once you have selected your perfect kitten, you will receive your contract specific to your kitten (Kitten Specific Contract). At that time, you will place your 2nd payment via paypal of $500 to secure your specific kitten. You will have a credit of $1000 paid towards your kittens and this amount is non refundable, so make sure the kitten you select is the perfect kitten for you! You will receive updated photos of your kitten from time to time and be invited to come visit your kitten when he is 5 weeks old. A sample of the Kitten Specific Contract is in this drop down menu for your review. Ask any questions you have now about the contract. We tried to make it very clear. 

          I will TRY to send you updated photos of your kittens at least once a week on Saturdays. I will try to answer your texts, emails and calls, also on Saturdays. Sometimes (not often) life gets in the way and I cannot send as many photos and videos as I would like or respond immediately to every text.  I promise to do my very best to get you frequent photos and short videos of your kittens as they grow and to promptly answer all of your questions. I can also facetime you and show you your kitten. In 21 years, due to family illnesses or other unusual circumstances, I believe I have only had two (2) people disappointed in my ability to frequently send updated photos or promptly respond to questions. To them, I have personally apologized and I KNOW they LOVE their AttyKats kittens and cats!

          In 21 years of breeding Maine Coons, I have never had a single claim on my  health guarantee. It is included in the Specific Kitten Contract that you can review in the next tab.  Kittens go home with a written Florida health certificate signed by my vet,  first shots, blood tested negative for feline leukemia at 8 weeks old. Your kitten will be parasite free and disease free when you pick him or her up! You will pay your balance due for your kitten pursuant to your Specific Kitten Contract via PayPal ( three days prior to pick up to allow the amount to clear, or in cash at kitty pick up. We do not accept checks.

          Rehoming upon vet approval: Sometimes, depending upon the size and good health and independence of the kittens, we are able to rehome kittens around 8 or 9 weeks old. Yes, I know there are other breeders who keep kittens until they are 12 weeks old. In my 21 years experience, I personally believe that my keeping your kitten until it is 12 weeks old is not best for the kitten, the mother cat, or you. Eight to twelve weeks is a seminal bonding time and your kitten should be in its forever home, with you, not here bonding with me. I have testimonials from clients regarding how well my kittens transition into their forever homes. Before you place a deposit - ask your vet if it is appropriate and safe for your kitten to come home at 8 weeks old. I trust my vet and encourage you to do the same. 

         All of my vets (I have 3 that I use, depending on which house we are living in)  believe it is appropriate to rehome fully weaned, healthy, independent kittens at 8 weeks old and my vets personally sign a Florida Health Certificate confirming that each kittens is healthy and ready to go to its forever home.  None of my vets believe it is appropriate to leave a kitten nursing on its mother (which, because of the size of my kittens would be devastating to the mother cat's health) after 7 weeks old.  I have no desire to debate with other breeders or Maine Coon owners on forums, nor do I believe you should. Trust the vet and breeder you select.  Rehoming at 8-9 weeks works very well for my cats, kittens, and clients. If you need me to keep your kitten past 9 weeks, because you are traveling or unable to pick up your kitten, we may be able to accommodate you on a case by case basis, though we will charge a daily boarding fee comparable to your vet. 

Shipping? Don't Live in Florida or Texas?

          You are responsible for getting your kitten from my house to your house within five days of the date when I tell you your kitten is ready to go home.  I live in Tampa, Florida and also have a home in Houston, Texas. I am working in Texas now and have my cats with me here, but I travel back to Tampa frequently and still own a home there. If you are not in driving distance, I recommend shipping via air through Delta Pet Shipping. Your kitten is NOT shipped with the luggage, but is shipped in a special compartment of the plane that is heated and cooled and monitored.  I ship from Tampa International Airport. I have been shipping kittens without any issues for 20 years. To ship your kitten, I only ship on Delta. I get no benefit from this, other than the peace of mind that your kitten should be safe based upon my personal experiences shipping kittens through Delta Cargo. 

           If you ask me to ship your kitten to you, I will buy the airline approved travel crate for you, 2 screw on food bowls, bedding, and get the required USDA Federal flight certificate from my vet ($45). I then freeze water in the water bowl the night before the flight, pack extra food in a zip lock bag and duct tape it to the crate, and drive the kitten to Delta Cargo (usually at 5 am because the kitten must be checked in 2 hours prior to the flight). The approximate cost of these required items is $150 and I add $50 for my time to get all that together and get your kitten to the airport, so you will paypal $200 to me for my part in the shipping and for the things I must buy for your kitten to fly. I probably ship 15 to 20 kittens per year via Delta.

          Delta charges a flat rate air fare of about  $244 to ship a kitten pretty much anywhere in the air-conditioned and heated cargo area of the plane made for animals. The fee is based on the weight of the kitten and the crate size. I always use the same sized crate and I keep the weight of the kitten and crate around 12 pounds to keep the air fare charge at $244ish. You pay Delta directly. The kitten usually sleeps most of the flight and is happy and well adjusted when he gets to you. I will book the flight and give you the reservation number and then you call Delta and pay them over the phone. 

VERY IMPORTANT:   IF YOUR KITTEN CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO YOU (because of weather-too hot or too cold), natural disasters, or any other reason), YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PICK UP YOUR KITTEN OR HAVE A COURIER DELIVER YOUR KITTEN TO YOU. Before you place a non refundable deposit, carefully review the weather criteria for shipping with Delta. You may not be able to ship in summer (too hot) or winter (too cold), because the kittens have to be transported from the airport to the actual plane and it may be too hot or cold for the kitten to get to the plane.  If you plan to ship Delta Cargo, carefully  I have experienced couriers who will fly with your kitten in cabin, if needed. The price for this service is usually the cost of the flight plus $$. If you do not communicate with me and make prompt arrangements to pick up your kitten or have your kitten couriered home to you within 10 days of learning it cannot by shipped via Delta Cargo because of weather or any other reason, I will consider that kitten abandoned and find a new forever home for it and your payment will be forfeited. We expect you to love your kitten, want your kitten, and, when it is ready to come home - to make sure you get your kitten from our home to your home. We will help you, but ultimately the responsibility is yours. If you have questions about the process, call me. 813 857 5600 cell


          Sadly, many people today are scammers. Not me. I am a real person with real cats. I am an attorney have have been practicing law in Tampa, Florida for 25 years. I can provide my home address, office address, and an endless list of references. I can Facetime you (now) and show you my real cats and kittens. Because I am a parent with 6 kids and my cats live inside my house (yes, even my boy cats!), I do not allow everyone who is interested in "checking out" our Maine Coons, into our family home. We receive requests from the public to come "meet our cats" 4 or 5 times a week - every week. We are not an outdoor cattery/kennel or a pet store. We do not have a "facility" for you to tour. 

          Our cats and kittens are in our house, in our bedrooms, on our sofa and kitchen counter, surrounded by family.  I wish I could visit with everyone who wants to learn more about Maine Coon Cats, but I cannot.  For the protection of my family and my cats and kittens' health -I  am not in a position to open our home to the three or four people a week who ask to come "visit" with me. I understand that you want to see our Maine Coons and I am happy to facetime with you, but I have four school aged children and I work full time as an attorney, often from home, and I can't open my home three and four days a week to people who want to learn more about Maine Coons and meet me and my cats.   I will face time you, make videos for you with your name and your kitten in the video, send you photos, and help you select your kitten. Also, for those of you on my Paid Deposits List, you are welcome to come to our home and meet your selected kitten when it turns 5 weeks old.  We do not open our home for "visits," for the reasons explained above. We are devoted to keeping our kids, our cats, and  your kittens healthy and protected.

Questions or Concerns

Breeder's Rights: As the Breeder, I have the right of first refusal, for my breeding or show programs of all kittens. I also have the absolute right to refuse to rehome a kitten with anyone for any reason at any time. 

I am a practicing attorney and I work three blocks from my home. 

The best way to reach me is to text me at 813 857 5600. 

I will do my best to answer all of your questions. 


READ THE CONTRACT - ASK QUESTIONS -   call me, text me,  email me,  Facetime me. I am NOT great with Facebook, so if you use Messenger as your sole means of communication, you need to TEXT or EMAIL me. I only check Facebook on weekends.

Make sure you get all of your questions answered BEFORE YOU PLACE A DEPOSIT.  

Thank you for loving our Maine Coon Cats and Kittens! 

Welcome to the AttyKats Nation!