AttyKats Giving Back Program


Rehoming AttyKats Young Adults

Because we LOVE our cats, especially our gorgeous female cats who provide us with the kittens you see on our website - we believe they deserve a forever home of their own, where they are the center of attention and adored. On average, we seek forever. loving, indoor homes for our big, beautiful female cats at age 4. Maine Coons regularly live to be 15 years to 19 years old and are still kitten like at age 4. We also from time to time, retire one of our male cats, though this is not as often. In all of the circumstances above, we try to place these stunning Maine Coons with Disabled Children or with Veterans.  We only have a few of these cats or kittens available each year, so you must be patient if you are on our 

Giving Back Reservation List.


AttyKats for Disabled Kids

Research has consistently demonstrated the value of a pet with a disabled child. Autistic children, in particular, benefit from the particular personalities of Maine Coon Cats. If you have a child who is disabled, you love our cats, can provide a wonderful, indoor home for our cats, and believe your disabled child would benefit from an AttyKat cat or kitten, please reach out to me to provide me with information about your reason for wanting an AttyKats Maine Coon cat or kitten. If your family qualifies, you may be added to our Giving Back Reservation List.  


AttyKats for Veterans

If you served your country, like my son, Jack, is serving our country, now, and you love our cats, but our rehoming fee is out of your budget, reach out to me. Explain to me your circumstances, your ability to provide a loving indoor home for an AttyKat cat, and tell me about your service to our great country. If you qualify, I will place you on our Giving Back Reservation List for future retired show cats or breeding cats. I thank you for your service and the sacrifice.