About Us


The Farm House

For the 2019 summer, we are living here, in the farm house (AKA the CAT HOUSE) in Valrico, FL (17 miles from downtown Tampa). Because it is big,  we have all the cats with us here. ZuZu has taken over the game room (the Man Cave is now the Cat Cave - Sorry Clint) and is chilling out on the pool table. The girls are pretty much everywhere, along with the young males. We have a Bernese Mountain Dog "Yogi" and a bunch of Standard Poodles! Making some Bernedoodles soon! We have Mini Silky Goats, fancy chickens, and one big icky frog named Shrek (my son Cooper loves him!)!


The Kids

These are the kids who are playing with, holding, and sleeping with your kittens every night. Oldest to youngest, Haley, Jack, Cooper, Daniella (from Guatelmala!) and the twins, Tripp and Lily Whittington.  Haley, my oldest daughter, is an accomplished artist and a photographer. All the great photos on this website are her outstanding work!


Pray for My USMC Son, Jack!

My Marine 

That's my oldest son (20), Jack, who just joined the United States Marine Corps and is now stationed at IndianHead in Maryland about 30 miles south, as the crow flies, from DC. His current assignment is CBRNE (Defense Specialist. ... Within the Marine Corps, there are specialists charged with training others to survive in an environment where there may be chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) threats). He is in his 3 week training program this week. Pray for Jack and pray that we never have a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear threat where his newly acquired skills will be required. I cannot tell you how much I miss him. 

21 years of Maine Coons


That's me in 1998 with my first silver Maine Coon- "GoGo!"


For the 20 years in between


That's me, 20 years later, in 2018, with my greatest silver Maine Coon - ZuZu!

Happy 21st Birthday Atty Kats Cattery!

That's ME in 1998 with my First Maine Coon Cat "GoGo"


Atty Kats Cattery Founded 7/20/98


Thank You for 21 Great Years!!!