WE HAVE KITTENS!!!! WE HAVE KITTENS!!! We have kittens!!!



CFA 100% European Maine Coon Kittens -AttyKats, since 1998. Tampa, FL

CFA 100% European Maine Coon Kittens -AttyKats, since 1998. Tampa, FL

CFA 100% European Maine Coon Kittens -AttyKats, since 1998. Tampa, FL CFA 100% European Maine Coon Kittens -AttyKats, since 1998. Tampa, FL CFA 100% European Maine Coon Kittens -AttyKats, since 1998. Tampa, FL

Specializing in HUGE SMOKE and SILVER European Maine Coons!


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We post litter announcements here and detailed kitten photos

All of our kittens are reserved through our deposit reservation list explained on our website! however, We only have a few reservations waiting for females! also If you are open to a male of any color, you may get kittens out of the next litters!

AttyKats - House of Maine Coons for 21 Years! Home of World Famous Silver "ZuZu" Merry

About our KITTENS


For those of you WAITING for Kittens - An Update.


For those of you patiently waiting for MALE kittens, we have had an inordinate number of FEMALE kittens this year. This is unusual for us as  most litters are at least half males. WE have no control over the gender of kittens in a litter. We are optimistic that this next round of litters will have many SILVER and SMOKE males! We will continue to breed the beautiful cats that have produced the smokes and silvers and blacks and all of the beautiful kittens you see on our website. We try very very hard to make it CLEAR on our website and particularly on our deposit waiting list information page that we have no control over the gender or colors in any particular litter. For example, in one litter Baretta had 6 smoke kittens, 2 black kittens and one brown tabby, all males; in her the next litter, bred to ZuZu again, she had all 9 brown tabbies, 5 males and 4 females...we breed the same couples and each time get completely different results. Hang in there! 

We want you to get exactly the color and gender you have reserved, so please remain patient and watch the litters.   If you are on the Deposit Reservation List waiting on a male, but would consider a female kitten because you want a kitten sooner, text me at 813 857 5600 and let me know. Ursula has FIVE female kittens that we just posted. Jawa only had one kitten, a gorgeous brown tabby, maybe a male! Madam is in with ZuZu now as she finally came into heat. Fingers crossed we get some SMOKE and SILVER males!

For Those of you INTERESTED in KITTENS: but not on the Deposit Reservation List:


OUR DEPOSIT RESERVATION LIST IS CLOSED FOR 2019-2020. IF YOU PLACE A DEPOSIT TODAY, YOU WILL LIKELY BE WAITING UNTIL 2021 FOR A MALE KITTEN.  For those people who are interested in one of our beautiful kittens, scroll down to learn more about AttyKats! We believe our cats are the best in the Country and we back that up with the best health guarantee in the country. If you are shopping around for the most reputable breeder - always ask to see the cattery registrations certificate and check out the date of registration. Ours is above and is dated 7.20.1998. We are celebrating 21 years this year as an Outstanding CFA Maine Coon Cattery. Read through our website to learn more about our kittens and how our Deposit Reservation List works. Call or email or text me with questions.


I have a few tips to help you avoid FRAUD, no matter where you are shopping for your kitten. If you are shopping at several sites looking for the perfect kitten, you can AVOID FRAUD by taking a few simple precautions. 

(1) Call on the phone (not just text and email or WHATSAPP and Messenger) ACTUALLY SPEAK to the Breeder and ask the Breeder if he or she will schedule a time to FaceTime with you. Ask the Breeder for their Cattery Name Certificate and Check the Date on it. How long has she/he been breeding? 

(2) ask for a photo of the Breeder (not just her ARM in a photo) and ask for a photo of the Breeder holding the actual Kitten you want. If the Breeder can't do this,  or tells you it will be a few days because her phone is broken or her camera is broken or some other such nonsense...assume that the Breeder and kittens are not in the same location together --- which is a RED FLAG! 

(3) ask for a video of the kitten and ask the Breeder to say your name in the video and tell you about the positive attributes of the kitten; If the voice on the video is not the voice on the phone, the actual breeder you spoke with, again, assume the breeder and kittens are not in the same place and someone else (unknown third party) is raising kittens. RED FLAG! 

(4) look for positive reviews on Facebook of people who have purchased prior kittens from this Breeder.

(5) ask for an address and when is the first available date when you can meet the kitten...with me it is 5 weeks, per my vet, but I can FaceTime you with your kitten and send videos and give you my address that you can look up as owned by me in the county property records.  

Most "fake" breeders steal photos from real breeder's websites, so when you ask for special photos (I have asked them to write my name on a piece of paper and put it by the kitten and take a photo, or to facetime or for a video made just for me - if they can't do it ...RUN! 

I cannot tell you how many people call me after they have lost thousands of dollars to fake  breeders both in the USA and abroad. There are excellent breeders in the USA and in Europe, but you need to take the time to go through the steps above to confirm your breeder is reputable and your kitten is REAL. 

 Be safe out there! Do not fall in love with a photo and forget to make sure the person who has the photo actually is a reputable breeder and actually has the kitten in the photo! I'm a lawyer in my day job and fraud is worse now that it has ever been!

For those of you who HAVE an ATTY KATS' Kitten

Keep the Pictures, Funny Stories, and Referrals Coming!!! You are the ATTY KATS NATION!

Learn more about our cats and colors!



Expecting Smoke and Silver Kittens

Expecting Smoke and Silver Kittens

100% European. Imported from Czech Republic out of  world class Just Coons" breeding. Outstanding Size, Type, and Personality. Loves People. Loves to Purr. BIG BIG Cat. Photos don't do him justice.  Because we have so many requests for SILVERS and SMOKES, we are breeding ALL of our girls to ZuZu this year!


Expecting Smoke and Silver Kittens

Expecting Smoke and Silver Kittens

Expecting Smoke and Silver Kittens

See Photos of our smoke lines in Poe and Thor, above. Both are examples of the types and colors of kittens we get from ZuZu breedings.  We are breeding to focus on Silvers, Smokes, Blacks, and Blues. We will have at least one litter with Big Brown Tabby kittens out of Ruger. We are working hard to make sure we have a kitten for you in 2019-2020.  So if you love the looks of our cats and kittens, take a look at our Breeding Plans for 2019!


What Color is this?

Expecting Smoke and Silver Kittens

What Color is this?

Learn more about our cats and the beautiful and unique colors we offer like black smokes, blue smokes, shaded silvers, mackerel tabbies, blues, and blacks by clicking the button below!

How to RESERVE future kittens!

  • OUR DEPOSIT RESERVATION LIST IS CLOSED FOR 2019-2020. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PLACE A DEPOSIT,  YOU WILL BE WAITING UNTIL 2021 (for a smoke or silver male). WE ARE ACCEPTING DEPOSITS AT THIS TIME, BUT YOU SHOULD NOT EXPECT TO SELECT A MALE KITTEN UNTIL 2021  THERE IS A WAIT, PARTICULARLY FOR SILVER AND SMOKE KITTENS - however, it is possible you may get a male kitten sooner, we just want you to be prepared to wait for your perfect kitten in the event we have smaller litters or do not have the colors or genders that are reserved. All male kittens are $2500 and all female kittens are $2250. WE MAY HAVE FEMALE KITTENS AVAILABLE. ASK via email to kittens@attykats.com or text me at 813 857 5600. 

  • Price for female kittens in 2020 will be $2250. Males are still $2500. If you place your deposit PRIOR TO Jan. 1, 2020, for a female kitten, your pricing will be at 2019 price of $2000.

  • We have kittens throughout the year. Our kittens are reserved through a DEPOSIT RESERVATION SYSTEM explained more fully on our Deposit Information Page (click the red button below for short cut).  Our shortest wait for a kitten is for female kittens without a color preference. AVAILABLE NOW. Next would be a male kitten without a color preference. Our Smoke and Silver kittens are the most popular and require the longest wait. If you place a non refundable deposit on a future kitten, we cannot tell you exactly when you will get a kitten, because we cannot estimate litter size or the color or gender of the kittens in the litter. But we do promise you that if you are patient, you will move to the top of the list and have first pick of every litter until you select exactly the kitten that you want

  • We accept non refundable, paid deposits via paypal ($500) at kittens@attykats.com (click the send money to friends or family button to avoid transaction fees) on future litters to reserve a spot in line for you to select a future kitten of your choice. Read about placing a deposit and kitten selection on our Deposit Information Page. Deposits are non refundable, so please ask your questions to me BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT! Text me at 813 857 5600.  Call me. Email me. Ask all your questions BEFORE you place a deposit because we do not refund deposits.. Yes, we accept personal checks if you do not have/trust Paypal. Text me at 813 857 5600 before sending a check so I will know to look for it!

  • PRICING- Our kittens are the result of 21 years of commitment to selective breeding for type, personality, size, and, of course, excellent health- we pride ourselves on offering the very best of the best. All of our current kittens are  $2000 for Females and $2500 for Males with a mandatory spay neuter agreement for all kittens.  After Jan. 1, female kittens will be $2250. We guarantee the good health of our kittens and provide lifelong support to you. Please click or scroll down to see our  future planned litters for 2019, below. No, we do not give discounts. We have a waiting list of people who  will pay full price for every kitten and our pricing is firm and backed by 21 years of happy customers. All of our kittens, historically, have been reserved before they are 6 weeks old. We are very, very good at breeding big, beautiful, healthy cats, and we appreciate your patronage.

About Our CATS and KITTENS


Atty Kats - Established 1998. The Oldest CFA Maine Coon Cattery in Central Florida

Join the AttyKats Nation!  We have placed kitten locally, nationally, and throughout the world for the last 21 years! We are still around because we are VERY VERY good at what we do! I have been raising, showing, breeding, and loving CFA Maine Coon Cats through my CFA registered Cattery, Atty Kats Maine Coon Cattery since 1998 - that's 20 years. 

(Always ask for the CATTERY REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE - CFA issued mine on 7/20/1998) 

My first Maine Coon was a beautiful Silver female "GoGo" that the Easter Bunny brought to my daughter, Haley, Easter Morning. Haley is 25 now -- that's her sleeping above with Solo. She has never been without a Maine Coon to snuggle.  

We specialize in OUTSTANDING silver tabby and black smoke Maine Coons. We believe we have the best Silver Male (ZuZu) breeding Maine Coon in the Country based upon size, type, disposition, and gorgeous offspring.  As for Smokes, we have the Oti Cami look of the black panther. See THOR, who is one of ZuZu's kittens. We produce smoke kittens like him in almost every litter.  If you want to guarantee you'll get a future kitten, go to our Deposit Information page and read about placing a deposit on a future kitten. Your kitten will be well worth the wait!

Atty Kats Kittens are living in their forever homes from Alaska to the Virgin Islands and everywhere in between.  The highest compliments we receive are from member of Atty Kats Nation, our Kitty Clients, who have purchased kittens from us and who, later, come back for a second or third kitten and who recommend us to their friends and family. We have dozens of Kitty Clients who have come back months, years, and even a decade later, to add another AttyKats Maine Coon kitten to their families.   

Atty Kats 

Owner:Angelina Whittington, Esq.



Cattery Location: Tampa, Florida and Houston, Texas

Shipping: Nationwide and Internationally

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so call  (813) 81 KITTY   (813) 815 4889 to speak to me; text my cell at (813) 857-5600; or email to kittens@attykats.com to reserve your Maine Coon Kittens or European Maine Coon Kittens or if you have any questions. 

Atty Kats Maine Coon Cattery, since 1998

Little Road, Valrico, Florida 33596, United States

(813) 81 KITTY (813) 815 4889